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Three Factors that Determine the Fit of Your Denture

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

The fit of a denture is generally the result of the amount of bone remaining in your mouth. Over time, the bone in your mouth shrinks. The three factors that determine the fit of your denture include retention, support, and stability. How do these characteristics influence the fit of your denture?

  • Retention

Does your denture have the gum support it needs to resist movement in the mouth?

Natural processes like eating, drinking, and conversing may cause dentures to move around if the seal formed between the gums and the dentures is not strong. Typically, retention on the upper denture is better than the lower as saliva and the palate work together to maintain suction. Retention of the lower denture, however, relies solely on the jaw bone's capacity to support and maintain the stability of the denture it’s supporting.

When creating your new dentures a solid first impression of the mouth is crucial. Your denture will never fit comfortably if a precise impression is not captured to ensure the seal necessary for properly functioning dentures.

  • Support

Support describes a denture's capacity to withstand displacement caused by functional stressors. Eating, drinking, speaking, and teeth grinding are all examples of functional stressors. Dentures that have been made properly should lay equally on the gums and the palate. When you bite down, poorly supportive dentures can cause a variety of issues. Rocking may occur if the denture fitting surface is uneven. Tissue damage, sores, and rapid jaw bone loss can all result from ill-fitting dentures.

  • Stability

You won’t be able to eat or speak clearly if your denture is unstable, which will influence your general health and self-esteem. What leads to the instability of dentures? Biology can have a significant role, including accelerating bone loss and impaired neuromuscular (nerves and muscles) control. This problem can be exacerbated by poorly fitting dentures. Denture adhesive or dental implants may be utilized in some circumstances to enhance stability.

Remember to see your Denturist at Daien Denture Clinic yearly to ensure the fit of your dentures. Proper denture maintenance is crucial and will help keep them in good working order.

Daien Denture Clinic is located in Beausejour, Manitoba. Established in 1977, our team is confident that we can help you love your smile again. Daien Denture has denture solutions for all budgets and are here to help you understand the cost of dentures and the process of getting new dentures. Our team of Denturists and expert staff are here to help you get the smile you've always wanted. Call us at 204.268.3488. Book your Free Consultation Today!

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