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The Denture Process Start to Finish

The process of producing your new smile is a top priority for our team of Denturists, Lab Technicians, and Support Personnel. Starting with the initial consultation and continuing through every checkup and adjustment of the dentures throughout the years. We want to be a part of your experience with dentures and will make sure you get the kind of care and consideration you deserve right here in Beausejour!

So what exactly happens when you get new dentures?

It usually takes a few weeks or typically 4-5 appointments with conventional dentures (depending on your availability).

These appointments consist of the following:

1) Impressions- These are imprints of your teeth, gums, and oral tissues.

2) Bite Registration / Tooth Selection- Measurements are taken to ensure the teeth on your new dentures are in the right position. You will also work alongside your Denturist and choose the shade and style of teeth you would like to use for your new smile.

3. Wax Try-in- Before your dentures are completed, you get to see and try them on. This is the time for any aesthetic modifications, and another try-in visit can be scheduled so you can view the changes as they take place.

4) Finish- Take your new smile home!

Your dentures should be relined and replaced every five to six years, according to our Denturists. How come? Your gums are shrinking as a result of losing your natural teeth, and your mouth is continually changing. The roots of natural teeth maintain and stimulate the jawbone. Jawbone deterioration will start if you don't have any teeth or dental implants. This implies that your dentures will need to be re-fitted for you to be able to comfortably eat and speak as well as be comfortable with them. In addition to denture sores and poor digestion, loose dentures can lead to several other health problems.

Additionally, we'll arrange a follow-up appointment with you to make sure your dentures are comfortable and are settling in. Please remember that denture adjustments are typical throughout the lifespan of dentures as well as when they are brand-new. Anyone experiencing discomfort or having worries is encouraged to phone our office at any time to arrange for a checkup.

To arrange your free consultation, contact our office right now at 204-268-3488

Daien Denture Clinic is located in Beausejour, Manitoba. Established in 1977, our team is confident that we can help you love your smile again. Daien Denture has denture solutions for all budgets and is here to help you understand the cost of dentures and the process of getting new dentures. Our team of Denturists and expert staff are here to help you get the smile you've always wanted. Call us at 204.268.3488. Book your Free Consultation Today!

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