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How to Choose a Denturist

Updated: Jun 20

Choosing a denturist is a major decision. Getting dentures is not something you do just once in your lifetime. The industry standard is refitting / relining your denture every 2 years and replacing every 5 years. Because regular visits are necessary, it's important to select a denturist that suits your needs.

A person who has received special training in creating and fitting dentures is known as a

denturist. To become a Denturist in Canada, you must pass provincial board exams and have

graduated from a recognized denturist school. The Denturist Association of Manitoba and the

Denturist Association of Canada oversee Denturists in Manitoba.

Every day of the week, a Denturist works with dentures. Denturists are present at every stage,

in contrast to other dental specialists. The only dental specialists with specialized training in

both clinical and laboratory procedures are Denturists. As a result, regardless of the mouth

involved, they are better familiar with all the components of creating a great pair of dentures.

No referral is necessary and we offer free consultations & second Opinions. We work closely with several dental specialists and are more than happy to work with your dentist on your behalf.

“The Denturist Technology Program prepares Denturists with the theoretical, technical, and

clinical experiences required to assess, design, fabricate and insert complete, partial, or any

kind of removable prostheses and to provide effective communication with patients regarding

treatment options and care”. (Denturist Association of Manitoba - about denturism 2023)

What Services can Denturists offer?

*Examinations & Consultations

*Complete Upper & Lower Dentures

*Partial Dentures

*Dentures over Implants

*Digital Dentures

*Repairing, Relining, and Rebasing Existing Dentures

*Mouth Guards

*Teeth Whitening Trays

What to look for in a Denturist


Denturists are required to renew their registration annually and must adhere to the:

College By-laws

Standards of Practice


Acts and Regulations

Scope of Practice

Code of Ethics

Please Note

*Ask to see the denturist license if the person making your denture does not have it displayed, and remember that only a qualified professional should perform any oral examinations, impressions, and measurements of your mouth.

Questions to ask yourself prior to choosing a Denturist

Just because someone is offering a lower price to solutions, you should still ask yourself these questions.

1) Do they have the necessary qualifications?

2) Do they have any prior experience?

3) Do they use high-quality materials?

4) Do their dentures come with a warranty?

Manitoba Denturists follow to the Manitoba Denturist Association Fee Guide. This guideline is

followed by Daien Denture Clinic, which also offers affordable payment plans and a Best Price

Guarantee. If you receive a written estimate from another clinic, we will gladly match or beat

that price as long as the treatment plan is the same. (The estimate should be presented to the

Denturist during your consultation before beginning treatment).


Denturist Association of manitoba - about denturism. (n.d.). Retrieved February 2, 2023, from

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