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Adapting to your new dentures

How do I get used to my new dentures?

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It's crucial to keep in mind that your new dentures will take some getting accustomed to and to have patience with yourself. There are a few things to keep in mind even though this is a wonderful moment and you'll want to start eating the foods you love right away. Getting used to your new dentures can be difficult, whether they are your first set or a replacement set. You must understand that at first, new dentures may feel unusual because our mouths may have grown accustomed to uncomfortable or worn-out dentures. You’ll need to relearn to chew but don’t worry, our Denturist’s are here to help you.

1) Consuming Food with New Dentures

It takes some planning to eat with dentures, which you may not have done in the past. Natural teeth have roots that connect each individual tooth to your jaw bone. The base of a denture either rests freely on top of your gums or is secured in place by an anchoring tooth (partial dentures). What precisely does this all mean? You might need to adjust how you bite and chew. Natural teeth have the propensity to pull forward or sideways when biting. To avoid the dentures wobbling or moving when you eat, practice using both sides of your mouth simultaneously.

Advice on how to eat with new dentures

Bite with your back teeth: If at all possible, attempt to chew and bite with your back teeth the bulk of the time to evenly distribute food across your mouth's two sides. Do not bite with the front teeth since this can weaken the upper plate's suction.

Avoid sticky or chewy foods: At first and start with softer foods like fish, cooked veggies, oats, and scrambled eggs. This will enable you to retrain your mouth to chew slowly on both sides in order to keep your dentures in place. You will be able to add more items to your diet as time goes on.

Eat smaller bites: Cutting your food into smaller pieces will allow you to chew more efficiently. Thorough chewing is essential for proper digestion which is beneficial to your diet and overall health. Whether you are a denture wearer or not!

2) Communication with new dentures

The more you practice speaking the more confidence you’ll have in social situation. It is not uncommon for the first couple of weeks to notice that you may lisp your words or bite your cheeks. Do not worry; wearing your dentures regularly will assist your muscles in quickly learning where they should not go.

Advice for communicating with new dentures

Did you know that you can practice speaking with your new dentures by singing or reading aloud? If you speak multiple languages it is also helpful to practice in as many dialects, as word pronunciations will vary.

3) Excess Saliva with new dentures

You might notice that you're producing more saliva now than before your dentures were put in. Why? This is would be the body's typical response to a denture or any other foreign object. Similar to how the body reacts when dust gets in the eyes, the eyes moisten in an effort to flush out the foreign object .Here are a few things you can do while waiting for this to get better.

Advice on avoiding excess saliva with new dentures

- Sip plenty of water

- Suck on hard candy

- The more you wear your dentures the faster you will get used to them

Take your time using your new dentures

Please be patient with yourself and your new dentures. If you have any questions or issues, contact our office. We are here to help you every step of the way!

ABOUT DAIEN DENTURE CLINIC - Daien Denture Clinic is located in Beausejour, Manitoba. Our team has been serving Beausejour and surrounding areas since 1977.We are confident that we’ll help you reclaim your smile and have you eating the foods you love. Daien Denture has denture options for all budgets and are here to help you understand the cost of dentures and the process of getting new dentures. Call us at 204.268.3488. Book your Free Consultation Today!

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