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We enjoy running local contests to bring smiles to our patients faces. See our most recent contest answers below! 


Beausejour, The town that means “beautiful stay”

Pioneer Village, A museum that was established in 1967

The Clipper, Hometown and surrounding area newspaper

Train Whistle Park, A Nature Park with a yellow caboose

Edward Schreyer, Former Manitoba Premier born in Beausejour

Max Glick, A 1990’s Canadian television drama adaptation set in Beausejour

Shades of the Past, Yearly car show

Selena Kaatz, This local played in the 2016 Scotties Tournament of Hearts

CPTC Races, Beausejour is famous for this race

Manitoba Glass Works, The first glass container factory in Western Canada

Pinawa Dam, Manitoba’s first hydro-electric generating station

Tyndall, The monument of Old St. Michael’s Church bell lies here

Daylily Gardens, A place of peace and beauty to local residents and tourists

Ray Schirle, Mayor of Beausejour

Daien Denture, Denture clinic in the town of Beausejour

Garson, Where tyndall stone is quarried

Winnipeg River, Lac Du Bonnet is on this body of water

Lac Du Bonnet, The first airmail flight in Manitoba happened here

Reline, This type of treatment is done every 2-3 years to ensure the best denture fit

Partial, A removable alternative to replace a few teeth

Digital Denture, This type of denture is made with help from a computer

Consultation, This is Free at Daien Denture Clinic

Implant, An artificial tooth root to support dentures

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